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Play that funky music

I saw this low-tech phone amplifier on Facebook and thought I’d try it myself. Two Solo cups and an empty paper towel roll. Took less than 5 minutes, a pocket knife and scissors. Amplification level is enough to hear music well without my hearing aids in. Not loud enough for a party, but loud enough to be able to hear it on the nightstand when I’m lying in bed.

These days, I like low-tech stuff and this struck me as really too simple, so I tried to complicate things by using a toilet paper roll. Too short for my HTC phone to fit. I tried to move it from room to room to see how practical it would be and it kept falling apart. The phone keep drooping, so it would occupy a considerable amount of real estate on my nightstand, which doesn’t have a lot of real estate to begin with.

Following a tip from a friend, I hunted up a coffee cup. I’m not a coffee drinker, but I kept the cups that came with the dinnerware I bought when I moved into the apartment for visitors to use or to fill in when I’m too lazy to wash dishes and all of my glasses are dirty. So I put my phone in one, speaker end down. It’s louder than the Solo cup rig. Easy to carry around the apartment, too.

The coffee cup is simpler too, which is just fine with me.

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