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Today only …

A few years ago, I was talking to a friend and his 5-year-old nephew kept interrupting us. He wanted to see a show on TV and wouldn’t take “Not right now” for an answer. At some point it occurred to me that with streaming video on the internet and on-demand service with cable, this kid will never understand the concept of “That show isn’t on right now.”

I loved watching TV when I was a kid, but part of the fun was in having to wait until Wednesday night to see “Batman.” The shows always ended with a cliffhanger and I loved the suspense all week and the solution, though it was hokey, even to an 8-year-old.

It’s raining and windy through much of the country’s midsection tonight. It’s also Halloween and there’s talk of “postponing” trick-or-treating. Not gonna happen at my house. Today is Halloween. Tomorrow is All Saints Day. You come by tomorrow and all you’re getting is empty candy wrappers.

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Two years ago today, I embarked on a new journey, leaving behind my home of 11 years and a marriage that ended in a shambles, to start anew alone in an apartment closer to my job.

Two years later, I’m still in this apartment, but the shambles are far behind me (aside from my desk). My debt is almost gone and my psyche is just about healed. While I still don’t have a house, I do have a home and everything in it is paid for.

Though I live alone, I am in no way lonely. My life is filled with loving, nurturing people. I am involved in my church and my community. And I am as certain today as I was back then that I made the right choice to make a change.

I was at a meeting of businessmen a while back and Jeff Fisher was the guest speaker. He was still coach of the Tennessee Titans at the time and he talked about overcoming adversity. How a team handles adversity defines their season, Coach Fisher said. It’s the same for businesses, he added.

I think that idea applies to people, too.

Choices are what life is about. We make them and then we deal with them. Sometimes we make good choices, sometimes bad. Sometimes we just try to make the best of them.

But they are always our choices and ultimately, we are the ones responsible for whatever outcome they bring.

And if you don’t like the outcome, you alone are responsible to change it. Change doesn’t come from bickering and complaining. No one ever moved anything by just pointing a finger at it. (Except for Jedi knights, of course.)

So the lesson of the past two years for me has been, as Gandhi said, be the change you wish to see in the world. You’ll like it, and yourself, a lot better.

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