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Now cut that out

Dear Sure Deodorant,

Enough already with the rebranding.

I’ve been using your product since the early 1970s, after you employed actress Glynnis O’Connor as your spokesmodel for a series of commercials. I had a major crush on her at the time and the thought of her bumping into me and a) detecting the scent of Sure regular on me or b) actually seeing me pick Sure out from among the dozens of other choices in the supermarket and smiling at me could trigger daydreams that lasted most of Algebra II class.

Glynnis O’Connor

Though Glynnis stopped being your spokesmodel after a short while and took up with that awful Robby Benson, I held out hope. Whenever I ran low on deodorant, my spirits were lifted as I spied your familiar white can with the wavy blue shield and bright orange bar that contained the word REGULAR in bold white letters.

Imagine my chagrin last week, when I looked for the wavy blue logo and could not find it among the ever dwindling number of brands of aerosol deodorants that super markets carry these days.

“How could they not carry Sure any more?” I asked to no one in particular. “Right there,” a lady said, pointing to a row of cans with translucent purple tops.

Gone were the cans with clear tops and wavy blue lines, replaced by purple-topped cans with a purple and blue X. Not a lick of orange to be found on the darn thing.

Here’s the deal. I haven’t given up on Glynnis. And I fear that if you keep changing the way your can looks, she may walk up to me in the store when I have my perplexed, “WTF did they do with the can now?” look rather than the confident look that comes with scooping up that can with blue waves and an orange bar as I stroll through the personal care aisle.

You started this thing. I need you to stick with me.


A loyal customer

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