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Of human Bond-age

The James Bond theme song is 50 years old this year, which is kind of cool unto itself. But the neatest thing about the theme is how it came to be.

This weekend, the Wall Street Journal published an interesting article on how the Bond theme brings out the manliness in men. It has something to do with linking the song to memories associated with our fathers taking us to see our first Bond movie in the theater. You can read the story at this link.

My dad didn’t take me to see my first Bond movie. My first experience with James Bond was through the Sear’s Christmas catalog in third grade after Goldfinger was released. My buddy David got to see the movie and filled us in on the details, like there was a naked lady painted gold and a woman named Pussy Galore. (Insert schoolboy giggles here.)

I didn’t get to see an actual Bond movie until they were edited for TV and broadcast a few years after their release in theaters. My first Bond movie in the theater was “Live and Let Die.” I saw it at the Grand Theater in Thibodaux when I was 16, on the day I got my driver’s license.

But enough about me. The WSJ article says the James Bond theme was thrown together at the last minute and adapted from the song “Good Sign, Bad Sign,” by Monty Norman. It was part of a musical that never got produced. (Which is a good thing.) Here’s the original song.

Producers of “Dr. No” turned to film composer John Barry to punch up the music for the movie. He brought in guitarist Vic Flick and they turned that horrible song into what would become the theme song for the lives of most men born since 1945.

One man’s trash turned to everyman’s treasure.

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Shower problem solved

Between vacation in July, my parents’ accident and trying to monitor Hurricane Issac from afar, I haven’t had much time to blog, but I ran across this gem from a tiny house blogger and thought I’d share.

Water is always a challenge for people who want to live off the grid. Running water can be even more so. But this couple solved the shower issue using a chemical sprayer easily found in any home and garden center. Warm the water to whatever temperature you’d like, pour it in the sprayer bottle, pump it up and enjoy a hot shower.

This could work for camping, too.

I’m glad they thought of it because I never would have.

You can read more about how they did it at this link.

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