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Man it’s hot

For the record, it was 109 degrees in Nashville today.

That’s the hottest the city has ever seen, at least since the 1870s when they started tracking this stuff.

But there was the time in the summer of 1975, when I worked at Brown & Root near New Orleans on a mechanical lift for Exxon where the metal had to be heated to around 180 degrees for us to work on it.We had to take 20-minute shifts to keep from being overwhelmed by the heat (they gave us plenty of salt tablets to chew) and to protect us from the heat (especially our clothes) they gave us huge asbestos blankets and gloves.

And then there was the time in 1977 (it may have been ’78) that The Lighthouse lounge in Thibodaux burned and I was among the first firemen to get there. The flames from that old wooden building were no match for my puny booster hose. The heat buckled the paint on our fire truck and singed all the hair off the front of my legs.

Then there was 1981, drilling the Tuscaloosa Trend near New Roads north of Baton Rouge. We went deeper than 4 miles on that job and the mud coming up from from the Earth’s crust was hotter than 130 degrees. The heat from the mud in the mud pits steaming up my glasses, with the sun beating down on my neck on the rig, which was in the middle of a tree-less cow pasture. Sweat saturated my shirt, requiring me to keep 2 shirts in the mudlogging unit so I could change into a dry shirt each time I came back from the pits.

But I digress.

Did you see the weather on TV? Man. It’s hot.

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I ran across this video this week. It focuses on LP SmartSide, an engineered wood siding product that my employer makes. (Disclaimer: I’m not involved in this project nor do I have any knowledge of it other than I have viewed this video and browsed their website.)

I see lots of people building tiny houses using OSB sheathing for their walls. OSB sheathing isn’t designed to be exposed to the elements, which is why using SmartSide is a smart choice here.


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